Artificial turf

ACTIVA PARQUES Y JARDINES has a vast experience proven in this sector, offering, sale, Installation, and Maintenance services of the most advanced Artificial Turf on the market. European manufactured, and the best quality both Landscaping and Sports Pavements: Public and private Gardens, Soccer fields and Golf Courses, Paddle and Tennis Courts among others.

Decorative lawn

 ACTIVA RIZO lawn combines state-of-the-art fibers with a textured fiber to achieve a perfect result in natural appearance, softness and memory effect. It has no breaking points, which allows it to recover its verticality after being stepped on.

The new ACTIVA RIZO of last generation behaves like a living surface. The design of its fibers without breaking points, recovers its vertical position in the same way as the natural grass.

These fibers are made of a new, softer and more resistant polymer, through a production process that respects the original properties of the polymer without forcing production.

His two-color filament and  minimal maintenance make ACTIVA RIZO a perfect lawn for gardening and landscaping, both use for private and public areas, where water savings and maintenance make it very profitable.

Activa Rizo 35 - Césped con Memoria

Activa Rizo 30 - Césped con Memoria

Activa Rizo 20 - Césped con Memoria


Colored turf 

We have a wide range of colors, so you can design your dreams ..

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